Как установить yandex браузер на linux

Install Yandex Browser on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux

Yandex browser is a Chromium-based Internet browser developed by Russian search engine provider, Yandex, available for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Android and iOS.

Yandex browser features:

  • Sync bookmarks, extensions, browser data across your devices.
  • Modern and clean user interface
  • Uses Blink engine for fast browsing experience
  • Compatible with Chrome Web store and Opera add-ons
  • Automatically enables Opera Turbo mode for faster page loading on slow Internet connection
  • Built-in pepper flash player
  • Uses DNSCrypt technology to prevent DNS spoofing or cache poisoning attacks

Enable sudo for Standard User Account on Debian

Some commands in this tutorial are prefixed with sudo . If your user account isn’t in the sudoer list, you can use the following command to switch to root user, assuming you know the root password.

Manjaro Linux Установка Yandex браузер релиз и Мой Офис без AUR

If you want to add the standard user account into sudoer list, run the following command as root. Replace username with your actual username.

Then install sudo utility.

Log out and log back in for the change to take effect. From now on, the standard user can use sudo to manage the system.

Как включить звук при просмотре видео

Install Yandex Browser on Debian 8 Jessie, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Linux Mint 18

To get the latest updates, it’s recommended to install Yandex browser from its official APT repository. First create a source list file for Yandex browser

Add the following line to the file.

Press CTRL+O , then press Enter to save the file, CTRL+X to exit out of the file. The we also need to download and import the GPG key so that packages downloaded from this repository can be authenticated.

After that, update local package index and install Yandex browser.

Once installed, you can start it from Ubuntu Unity Dash or your favorite application menu.

yandex browser linux

or from the command line.

yandex browser ubuntu

Install Yandex Browser on Fedora, OpenSUSE

Go to Yandex browser download page to download the RPM package. Or you can use wget utility to download it in terminal.

Once downloaded, go to the download folder and execute the following command to install it.

Install Yandex Browser on Arch Linux, Manjaro, Apricity OS, Antergos

To install Chrome extensions, simply go to chrome.google.com/webstore . To install Opera add-ons, go to addons.opera.com .

That’s it! I hope this tutorial helped you install Yandex browser Linux version on your machine. And as always, if you found this post useful, then subscribe to our free newsletter or follow us on Google+, Twitter or like our Facebook page.

Как установить Яндекс браузер в Linux Mint

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12 Responses to “Install Yandex Browser on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux”

Para Manjaro 17 utilice yaourt -S yandex-browser-beta

Как настроить яндекс поиск в браузере

hello after sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yandex-browser.list
I receive : name file for write /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yandex-browser.list
what to do? ctrl +o?

I think you need to press Enter, then Ctrl+O

I wish your suggestions would work.
After all you say in the tile that it is for debian ( amongst others)
As it were – One can not install yandex browser on debian using this tutorial. It’s as simple as that.
even the list command is not recognized or should i skip it by your opinion?
Any chance of help?

I just tried the commands on Debian 9 and it worked without any issue.

To save a file in Nano text editor, press Ctrl+O, then press Enter. To exit nano, press Ctrl+X.

Thank you for your support, Xiao,
I learnt how to save nano THANKS TO YOUR teaching while installing on ubuntu.
Hm… basic sudo command in terminal it tells me that it is not recognised.
Terminal should be opened by ctrl + alt+ T and it does not. To open it i just type terminal…. in “activities”.
I will log to debian (9) now and try again… so frustrating. Here, in Ubuntu 18, your instruction works 100% every time.
Allow me to let you know how i went.
Thank you again

On Debian, the normal user by default can’t use sudo . You need to add the user to sudoer list in order to use it. I have added the instructions at the beginning of this tutorial.

Hi, Xiao,
It’s Henry again
I tried the first “sudo……list” command and it returned:
Bash: sudo command not found.
The debian after few days visibly changed (without me knowing) the video card driver… because at first all was normal and then some funny screens with lines or squares were visible but finally it would boot to normal debian screen.
As it is a graphic driver problem (in ubuntu works correctly) i do not believe it has anything to do with that bloody “sudo”.
However, i downloaded ” live” version of debian relaying on the system to download itself what is needed during installation stage. It did, obviously since i can boot to it. But could it be that it did not download correctly or omitted something by an error.

Что с хромом браузером сегодня

I would not mind to buy the package from somewhere. There is an offering for debian+14 disks package for petty $34 from USA but they did not even answer my email.
I do not mind ubuntu but the teamviewer is installing there only with one way contact. That is only the reason why i went for debian.
Thank you for having me. I am so very sorry to bother you… I don’t know what to do next.


Яндекс Браузер

Яндекс Браузер

Яндекс Браузер для Linux — веб-браузер от компании Яндекс для операционной системы Linux.

Обладает всеми необходимыми возможностями для интернет-серфинга. Поддерживает быстрые ссылки, жесты мышью, турбо-режим, ввод адреса сайта в неправильной раскладке, встроенный перевод сайтов и многое другое.

Браузер поддерживает так называемую Умную строку для ввода адреса сайта. Вам достаточно ввести название сайта по русски, а браузер автоматически подберет для вас необходимый сайт. Для некоторых сайтов в адресной строке автоматически появляются Быстрые ссылки для доступа к основным разделам просматриваемого сайта.

Встроенный режим Турбо позволяет экономить на траффике. При его использовании весь трафик проходит сначала через специальный сервер, который может сжимать текст, изображения или даже видео.

Программа имеет встроенный переводчик иностранных сайтов на русский язык.

Яндекс Браузер поддерживает дополнения, с помощью которых можно расширить его функциональность.

Программа полностью на русском языке. Для скачивания доступны deb и rpm пакеты (только 64-битные версии).

Примечание: На момент написания данного обзора Яндекс Браузер для Linux находится в стадии beta (поэтому возможны некоторые ошибки и недочеты при работе с программой).

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