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Aunt Cass Checks Your Browser History

Aunt Cass Checks Your Browser History refers to an NSFW POV animation by Newgrounds user Redmoa where Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 talks about checking the viewer’s browser history and finding they’re interested in a «specific type» of adult content, then offering to let the viewer experience the «real thing» before disrobing and engaging in a sexual act with a faceless character, meant to be the viewer. The video was uploaded to Newgrounds in September 2021 and inspired numerous safe-for-work (SFW) edits altering various aspects of the animation to change the context. The meme is similar to the Busty Aunt Cass meme that went viral at the end of 2020.


On September 26th, 2021, animator and Newgrounds [1] user Redmoa posted an NSFW animation titled «Aunt Cass – Titfuck» where Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 talks to the viewer in a POV about going through their browser history and finding they «have a type.» The video cuts to a scene of Cass watching a titfucking video on a computer monitor, shocked. She then continues talking to the viewer, saying «to help you lose interest in those sites I figure it would be best if I let you experience the real thing. So…» then takes off her top and says «remember, I’m only going to do this for you once,» then proceeds to titfuck a faceless character representing the viewer in a graphic sex scene. It was also posted to Redmoa’s Twitter, [4] gaining over 48,000 likes and 8,500 retweets in two months. On October 4th, YouTuber [2] HornyWarrior posted an SFW version of the animation cutting the sex scene from the end, instead putting a Cheems Bonk meme, gaining over 86,600 views in a month (age-restricted).

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The animation inspired numerous safe-for-work versions on YouTube, often changing various aspects, including the computer monitor when Cass says «you have a type» to something funny and adding a meme reaction or content to censor the NSFW content at the end. For example, on October 22nd, YouTuber Beelzebella(BZ) posted a version with Smash Ultimate commentary on the computer and SpongeBob looking suspicious with a Vine boom at the end, gaining over 16,400 views in a month (shown below, left). On October 25th, YouTuber Flungy Mungy posted a new version with a rapping Mickey Mouse on the computer, gaining over 31,000 views in a similar span of time (shown below, right).

The trend increased in popularity in November. On November 12th, YouTuber Arcade Assassin posted a version adding a video of a 3D dancing Among Us impostor to the computer screen, gaining over 275,000 views in three days (shown below, left). On November 13th, YouTuber Flent posted a version using a Rickroll as a means of censorship, gaining over 300,000 views in two days (shown below, right).

On November 14th, Lessons In Meme Culture posted a video explaining the meme, gaining over 555,000 views in a day (shown below).

On the same date, Instagram [3] user kadz.yt posted a version of the video showing a dancing Thanos on the screen as the user’s interest and a screenshot of Thanos staring after she says «the real thing,» gaining over 3,900 views and 600 likes in 14 hours (shown below).



Цель – 120.000 подписчиков
Данное видео сделано только с развлекательными целями, и не нацелено на то что бы задеть чьи-то чувства.
Это видео является переработанной версией оригинала, и согласно правилам «добросовестного использования» сообщества Youtube: «НЕ НАРУШАЕТ АВТОРСКИЕ ПРАВА!» Так как является переработанным оригинальным контентом!

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